Custom Fans & Blowers

Custom builds, no problem. We can design and build to meet any required specifications.

Below are just some of the many custom fan specials we have designed and manufactured to meet our customers’ exact specifications.

If you have special requirements that cannot be met with standard fans or blowers, please contact our sales office for your area. They will be more than happy to meet with you and discuss a fan or blower designed to meet your exact requirements.


Special LM-10

Arrangement 1 fan with a special base design. Special coating in and out to resist detergent.

Special SPB-9

Customized inlet filter and inlet/discharge connectors on double blower gave customers a more compact, multi-function blower.

Special LMF-4

Model LMF-4 with customized, cast housing has a special inlet collar and discharge flange to match the customer’s mating surfaces. For forced air drying of ink on printing presses.

Model LM

Blowers with inlet filters used to force cool AC and DC motors.

Special PB

Blower and mounting plate designed to cool the traction motors on rapid transit cars.

Special CPF-130

85% width fan, special color match paint, and a fan panel with additional access ports are required by the customer.

Special HP-8D21

A special 45° angle mounting base allows a larger blower, capable of higher suction pressure, to fit under a standard table-top height.

Special PB-15A

Modified Arrangement 2 blower with drives and idler pulley enclosed in support base for mounting motor. Compact design to fit in a confined space.

Model PB

Blower powered with an air motor where no electric power was available.

Tube Axial fan with LM

Blower to force cool the fan belts and bearings of fan with an airstream temperature of 450°F.

PB Blower

Blower with a wider housing and integral discharge flange to suck scrap from a cardboard carton machine.

Double LM

Blower cools traction motors on large earth-moving equipment where the blower had to be compact to fit the cabinet.

Special RBE-15

Base mounted radial bladed industrial exhauster made entirely of 304 stainless steel, including belt guard and spring isolators. Designed for an extremely corrosive environment both inside and outside of the fan.


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