Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan, and Explosion Proof Fans

A fan or blower for a hazardous location, often called an explosion proof fan, may be required where flammable or combustible materials are in the atmosphere or being conveyed.

Cincinnati Fan offers a comprehensive selection of its fan and blower models built in hazardous location construction that complies with NFPA 91-Standard for Exhaust Systems for Air Conveying of Vapors, Gases, Mists, and Noncombustible Particulate Solids, 2010 Edition. These fans may include AMCA Type A, Type B, or Type C Spark Resistant Construction and an NFPA 70/NEC compliant explosion proof motor.

Type A construction requires that all parts of the fan or blower that are in contact with the air stream be made of spark resistant nonferrous material such as aluminum or brass. Type B construction requires a nonferrous wheel and a rubbing ring around the hole where the fan or motor shaft enters the fan or blower housing. Type C construction requires that a shift of the wheel or shaft will not allow ferrous parts to strike. For more information on AMCA spark resistant construction, see AMCA 99, Section 8 available in AMCA Publication 99-16.

Virtually all Cincinnati Fan models are available in a construction that would comply with NFPA 91.

The most common applications for “Spark and/or Explosion Resistant Fans or Blowers” are:

  • Paint spray booth exhaust
  • Grain storage bins or silos
  • Chemical and paint storage room ventilation
  • Ammunition manufacturing and storage rooms
  • Refineries and fuel storage facilities
  • Explosive and/or flammable liquid storage cabinets


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